Endorsements by Christian leaders

“…the Kingdom of God is at hand” were among the first words of Jesus and therefore reveal something very significant. Matt Garvin’s book ‘6 Radical Decisions’ is a very helpful book to enable God’s people of all traditions to revisit the radical nature of Kingdom. I cannot help but think this may prove a resource that will help shape and inform the emerging mission communities, and fresh expression of Church.
Major Drew McCombe
Territorial Evangelism Secretary, Salvation Army, London

This is an awesome book describing a movement that will save the church from institutionalism and the world from an aloof and out of touch Christianity. The foundational emphases of Kingdom Cells result in a refocus on Christ, a transformed life and a Spirit empowered multiplication of mission teams that truly love one another. I would recommend we read this book and walk it out!
Dr. Joel C. Hunter
Senior Pastor, Northland – A Church Distributed
Orlando, Florida, USA

Matt Garvin calls us beyond the rhetoric of Christian theology to a radical commitment and missional obedience. These pages disclose a rare thoughtfulness in holding together a passion to see people come to faith and community transformation. A must read for fellow sojourners looking for “a city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.”
Rev Moss Ntlha
General Secretary, The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa

Matt Garvin has produced a challenging and very useful book. He has unerringly aimed at the core of Christian discipleship and effective mission and pointed a way to their renewal. If we could once more harness the power of Kingdom Cells, Christians would find themselves as a cutting edge movement again
The Rev. Peter Corney OAM
Vicar emeritus St. Hilary’s Anglican Church Kew, Melbourne, Australia
Founding director of the Australian Arrow Leadership Program

6 Radical Decisions is a powerful, biblically rooted manifesto for changing the world. This simple picture of communities of people loving Christ and loving the world is beautifully illustrated with examples from church history and experiences from the Fusion movement. Garvin’s infectious passion for authentic transformation spills onto the pages and is coupled with practical challenge. I will be re-reading this book with fellow dreamers and schemers, that we might see the Kingdom of God come in our locality!
Andy Frost
Director of Share Jesus International

In a deeply personal and passionate way, Matt draws together a wealth of distilled wisdom from the world’s finest Christian leaders. This is a call for radical missional fellowship, through which we can – and must – impact the world for Christ.
Reverend Ruth Bushyager
Area Missioner, London Diocese

‘6 Radical Decisions’ lays out a vision that can be lived out. It joins the dots of aspiration and engagement and puts a spring in the step of the Church.
Rich Wilson
National Team Leader, Fusion U.K.

We all need to hear it again fresh …… you know, the clarion call. Pick up the thesaurus, thumb through, ah yes, there it is ‘Clarion call’: 1. a direct public request for people to take action. Matt Garvin has enabled me to hear the call again, and issued with it direct request for action. This is not for the passive, but for those who are itching to live-out something radical and rich. It’s a call to live a lifestyle of faith with Christ and others, messy and entwined yet potent. May we hear the clarion call together and start planning!”
Tania Bright
Deputy Director for Research and Development, The Salvation Army

Matt Garvin has had an amazing journey for a young man and he has depth and vision beyond his years. His passion for every neighbourhood to have a living, loving, freedom-filled, wise action cell of Jesus followers to serve it, will grip you. His focus on spheres will be as divine guidance for many who are passionate to see change in society but, as yet, do not know how to be involved. His avocation of the legitimization of sodalities (action-focused communities) will transform pew-sitters who have been certain there is something more, but have been afraid to step out.
Tom Hallas
Field Director, Asia & Pacific, Youth with a Mission.